Odd Runes ramblings on whatever

You've somehow found my personal webpage, though I have no idea why. Here you can find all sorts of garbage. Some of it is a bit more structured, some of it is more like a random number generator. Read at your own peril.
Note: This is mostly written for myself, but I employ a mental trick in which publishing it online makes me think just a little bit harder before I go too far out on the 'left field'. If you attempt to make sense out of this though, I somewhat pity you. At the same time, I'm pretty happy if you do.
The following is loosely organized in my areas of interest.

Measurements of complex systems

Excess entropy


These are largely notes for myself, but hopefully someone poking around could find them useful. The language is a mix of english and norwegian, as these have been written sporadically.

23.07.2022 (Attempt on) Midnattsekspressen on Goks√łyra
17.02.2023 Tenuis